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While you might equate the construction industry aptly to a traditional brick-and-mortar field, the world of construction has taken on a digital transformation. With the advancement of construction technology, we’re seeing a shift in productivity, cost-efficiency, and design genius.

Research shows design-build projects are delivered 33.5% faster than projects using the plan-spec-bid-build process. In addition, design-build projects are constructed 12% faster and have a unit cost that is 6.1% lower than plan-spec-bid-build projects.
A 2016 McKinsey Report identified five key areas of construction technology that would help catapult the industry into the digital future:
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  1. Higher-definition surveying and geolocation
  2. Next-generation 5-D building information modeling
  3. Digital collaboration and mobility
  4. The Internet of Things and advanced analytics
  5. Future-proof design and construction
Further research shows that the construction industry is slow to digitize.

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So, even though there are ample opportunities available, not everyone is taking advantage of the perks construction technology brings to the table. With the incorporation of technology, the construction industry could greatly improve upon or even eliminate some of their main pain points, including:
  • Better project management
  • On-time deliveries
  • Efficient collaboration among teams
  • Cost and waste reductions
  • Greater sustainability
As technology continues to advance, industries such as construction could really benefit from taking that leap from brick-and-mortar or pencil-and-paper to 3D models and digital collaboration tools.

Construction Technology at BIM Designs

Innovation and quality work are at the heart of BIM Designs, Inc. Their highly-trained journey-people use the latest in construction technology every day to solve project challenges and offer grade-A solutions. Their handiwork and technical abilities save their clients’ time, money, and resources.
Here’s how BIM Designs, Inc. leverages the latest in construction technology:

Surveying with 3D Laser Scanning

The devil is in the details! With a 3D laser scan of a project, one can capture even the smallest details with acute accuracy. This enables the BIM team to see the entire project from multiple angles--physically and metaphorically speaking. A 3D laser scan:
  • Reduces human error with its precise imaging capabilities
  • Eliminates the need for team members to be on-site
  • Allows for the imaging of challenging projects (i.e. historical sites, compromised buildings, environmentally sensitive field areas)
  • Allows for easy visualization of schematic structures
BIM Designs uses 3D scanning at different stages of construction like 3D model creation, visualization, animation, rendering, and quality inspection.

Next-Generation Building Information Modeling

The different levels of BIM refer to the degree of detail each level possesses. With the advancement of this construction technology, a project’s model might not only allow for pre-fabrication of pieces for construction but also detailed information to maintain the health of the building post-construction.
With a higher level of BIM such as 5D BIM, detailers and contractors are able to“identify, analyze, and record the impact of changes on the project, the costs, and scheduling details.” This reduces the risks of clashes earlier on in a project to help maintain budgets and production timelines.

Digital Coordination with BIM

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When project coordination goes awry, an entire project can easily run off the rails. The ability to collaborate remotely with a wide variety of team members is a tricky thing to manage. BIM allows for digital coordination that far surpasses traditional coordination methods.
As project plans evolve, team members can detect clashes, updates, and needs in real-time with BIM. By introducing construction technology such as BIM, large teams can solve complex problems with ease.

Capturing Data with Construction Technology

Implementing a more digital approach to a project allows for team members to capture data in ways traditional paper and blueprints never could. BIM models can:
  • Create more accurate plans during the pre-construction phase.
  • Provide data to improve project efficiency and exact ordering details for materials during the construction phase.
  • House all project details for better preventative maintenance post-construction.
With the BIM Designs team located across the country, these digital advancements allow the team to work remotely on projects and with clients near and far.
Learn more about the different projects the BIM Designs team has worked on.

Planning for the Future with BIM

Sustainability, waste reduction, and environmentally friendly designs are the future of construction. BIM Designs helps to identify ways in which buildings can operate more efficiently by optimizing plans before construction. For example:
  • Better planned MEP designs can optimize water and energy efficiency as well as air quality, resulting in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly building.
  • Pre-fabrication of materials eliminates waste on construction sites. It also decreases work time on site which can help a project’s budget significantly.
  • Detailed projects allow team members to carefully consider any hazards before construction to ensure the safety of its future inhabitants.

Making the Digital Jump with Construction Technology

Make the jump to a more efficient and productive construction process with BIM Designs and their team of expert journey-people.
To bring your project into the digital future, reach out to the experts at BIM Designs, Inc.

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BIM Designs, Inc. is an agile BIM design, modeling, consulting, and coordination service provider for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) contractors and developers that desire experienced journeymen detailers and engineers for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEPF) modeling, Laser Scanning, and Virtual Design Construction (VDC) projects.

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