BIM Modeling and Virtual Design For Construction

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Coordination, Clash Detection, and Model Management

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Laser Point Scanning and 3D Reality Capture

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Laser Point Scanning and 3D Reality Capture

The Process of Laser Scanning

What is Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning is the process of mapping an area with exceptional precision using invisible frequencies of light. This fast growing market has a multitude of uses from allowing BIM Designers to accurately model a project from across the country to providing realistic images of famous landmarks for video games.

A point cloud model reduces human error, eliminates the need for a modeler to be on site, expedites the measuring process, and provides an accurate depiction of the environment allowing for the routing of utilities with no collisions, QA/QC of an existing model, and sweat free redlines when the scans are updated after installation. Excellent when employed early and often in a new build process, it can be an indispensable tool for renovation projects where a model doesn’t exist and it provides the framework for all other trades to coordinate.

Laser Scan to BIM Services

BIM Designs is the most preferred option for Scan to BIM services. We capture detailed information about an element in its physical space and allow precise and accurate modeling, coordination, and quality take-off. We have executed several projects at renovation or extension stage for Scan to BIM including major construction companies. Our 3D scanning helps the different stages of construction like 3D model creation, visualization, animation, rendering, and quality inspection.

BIM Modeling Services

We generate coordinated models using BIM and allow our clients to check possible interference along all building systems through 3D BIM Modeling Services. Our 3D BIM models help the construction companies to visualize schematic structures before construction and thus can offer better project planning for our clients. We detect clashes for eliminating major system conflicts before installation.

Benefits of Using Laser Scan for BIM Services

  • Accurate 3D model creation of individual trades for renovation and extension work from scan data, allowing more reliability and quality assurance
  • During renovation, construction scan to BIM model provides a better platform for preparing further detail of design work
  • As Built Drawing Preparation from Scan for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet for Architectural, Structural and MEP
  • Improve transparency and streamline communication with 3D visualization for a quick decision making during renovation and extension phase
  • Eliminate RFI’s, work stoppage and rework by checking the accuracy and completeness of 3D model from scan data

Application of Laser Scan in Various Trades

Laser scan to BIM service is used by major construction companies, builders, architects and contractors for preparing various models of Architectural, Structural and MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection) elements like exterior and interior walls, doors, windows, ceiling, curtain walls, floor, roof, major furniture and fixtures, structural column, wall, beam and slab, bracing, trusses, floor and roof framing, duct, pipes, cable tray, light fixture, electrical outlet and other equipment.

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