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The Future Construct podcasts are designed to be 20-30 minute short form interviews with hosted by Amy Peck (@VirtualGirlNY on Twitter), the Founder/CEO of EndeavorVR and innovators from around the world that will discuss exciting technology solutions in the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, Construction) industries and beyond. 

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Episode 3 Featuring: Amy Marks

Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy and Evangelism at Autodesk

Amy Marks joins Amy Peck to candidly discuss how she became the queen of prefabrication, the need to remove constraints so that companies can fully leverage emerging technology, if there is room for an Uber-like behemoth in the construction industry, and the digital transformation of the industry. Hear Amy Marks also expound on designing buildings for the end user, the unique story behind her red stiletto in her office, as well as several other insightful topics.

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Episode 2 Featuring: Elizabeth Baron

Enterprise Solutions Executive at Unity Technologies

Elizabeth Baron talks virtual reality, game engines, and how companies can leverage technology for the future within an innovative space.

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Episode 1 Featuring: Salla Eckhardt

Director of Transformation Services and Worldwide Construction Lead at Microsoft

Salla joins Amy on the Future Construct Podcast to discuss digital twins, her experiences as a woman in the construction industry, and the future of digital technologies as they play a role in construction. Look for a cameo from Salla's leopard cat (video only) and hear about her idea for a gadget from the future.

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About the Host

Amy Peck


Amy Peck is the CEO of EndeavorXR, a leading global VR/AR (XR) strategy & consulting firm. She is arecognizedthought-leader in the space and speaks globally on the future of XR and emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, robotics and autonomy. She works with Fortune 500 companies, digital media/production companies and tech startups on strategies to deploy XR, 5G, AI, Blockchain and other emerging tech to shape an impactful future.

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