A New BIM Designer Training Regiment in Revit


 The cutting edge of CAD software is one that maximizes the combined strengths of AutoCAD and Revit, so BIM Designs enrolled our designers in a rigorous, three-day intensive course with US CAD in North Scottsdale, AZ. We’re confident that improving proficiency in Revit will ultimately optimize the process for our customers to cut down on costs, double down on safety, and produce far less waste.  

 Here's a typical example:

Brian Burlbaugh is a CAD Detailer on our sheet metal team, who joined us with an outstanding 31 years of experience in the industry. He began the Revit training having never opened the program before but the training gave him the tools he needed to get started and he is now drawing up ductwork in the program with ease.  

 “With this program, it looks like everybody’s working in the same [model], so things get updated faster,” said Burlbaugh. You don’t have to wait two, three days for things to be updated; it may be updated every two hours.”  

Designing in a virtual world can be intimidating, but according to Nathan Vigil — who’s joined BIM Designs as Vice President of Operations — Brian’s story is true to that of other designers. They agreed that the Revit training was the perfect primer to move forward with the right digital skills to work in architectural design, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), and on a more structural level. When it comes to implementing new training, the focus is on heightening understanding of the program’s functionalities with a proactive, not reactive, approach.

 “Revit is a platform used by engineers and architects, also at the tradesman level on construction, to better visualize pre- and post-construction, in 3D, in virtual reality,” said Vigil. “If a client — take Google — has a billion to make a new factory: they specify, the architect uses Revit, the model goes to the engineer, and they appraise,” all on a quick turnaround.

 “Contractors are knocking the door down. That industry tidal wave, or the pivot to Revit, is here,” he continued.

 In a booming economy, clients want faster, high-quality work done ahead of schedule. By allotting time for our designers to grow and train with in-person sessions, we found fantastic results that have already sent a ripple across the company. Equipping ourselves with top-rate training to suit the needs of our customers means better business for our clients. They’re bidding better, growing in sales and profit, and seeing positive results in real time.  

 You can read more stories about our growing team at BIM Designs and how our company is moving the dial on innovation in 3D model-based architecture, engineering, and construction. And if you want to [see these results for yourself, hire us, etc.], don’t hesitate — visit us at https://www.bimdesigns.net/ today!

Mark Oden

About the Author

Mark, CEO, joined the BIM Designs team with over 10 years of experience working with Silicon Valley tech companies in product management, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and CxO roles. Mark leads the growth, strategy and execution of the company; his acute ability to develop and implement strategic processes that scale the company's capabilities drives efficient service delivery, increases client satisfaction, and builds cross-functional teams.