Seamless Integration

Our qualified VDC detailer will join your project, as if they're already a member of your team. With the extra hand, your project's efficiency will be maximized without the need to recruit and hire an additional year-round employee.


Quick Mobilization  

Our VDC detailer will be mobilized within two weeks, allowing your team to progress with minimal setback to your project's projected date of completion.


Field-Experienced Journeymen

Whether modeling in Revit or AutoCAD, with the years of experience among our team of journeymen detailers, we offer the perfect team member with the skills needed to make your project successful and ensure constructibility.

How It Works


Request a Proposal

Discuss your unique needs and we'll pair you with the best detailer for
your project.


Detailer Mobilization

We'll get our detailer mobilized and out to your team for integration within 14 days.


Quality Performance

Your detailer will provide high caliber work to satisfy the requirements of your project.

Why BIM Staff Augmentation

Quote from CEO, MArk Oden

“We are excited to continue to serve our industry by simplifying the scaling process for field experienced Journeymen detailers. Through our services, you can expand and contract your detailing capabilities while ensuring stability for your core team. With specialized training and experience in AutoCAD, Revit and modern platforms, we take extreme care in placing the best matched detailers for your team. Our team will seamlessly integrate with yours and are trained for rapid mobilization, bringing our years of diverse projects across all industries directly into your care.”

Mark Oden, CEO

Leaders Recognize Its Value

Quote from CEO, MArk Oden

“The experience with Brad was awesome. He crushed it!...I love your guys' way of doing things. You put stock in the right people. The trade guys do such a great job and understand the work."

Ron Joiner, BIM Manager

Our VDC Experts Can Provide Unmatched Support For Your
Pre-Construction Team

We're here to help your team scale, so you can focus on other important aspects of your project. 

Live Chat with a VDC Specialist

With a simple 10 minute phone or video call, we can discuss your needs and quickly mobilize our VDC resources to be integrated into your team.

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