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Coordination, Clash Detection, and Model Management

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Coordination, Clash Detection, and Model Management

MEPF Coordination

Your projects are handled by a team of field-experienced, expert tradesmen that help coordinate and design your complex plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Sheet Metal and process piping systems. 

A Project Manager is assigned to ensure your scope of work progresses in a timely fashion, to act as a first point of contact, and to resolve issues.  

Our staff has experience in  a variety of collaboration platforms like Navsiworks, BIM Track, Revizto, and BIM360.  We can also lead the coordination efforts, providing clash reports, running regular meetings, and acting as an arbiter when necessary.

This team approach adds tremendous value to your projects by providing the creative Electrical, HVAC, Sheet Metal, Process Piping, and Plumbing designs that you need for greatest success.

Coordinators responsibilities:

  • Manage share site that all trades can share files and project information
  • Build a coordination schedule and make sure all trades can meet the timeline
  • Build combined 3D models of all trades
  • Run clash reports for all trades and assist in clash resolution
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Enforce operating procedures for all trades
  • Record keeping
  • RFI review
  • Software license management

3-D BIM MEPF Coordination Meetings

BIM Designs' seasoned design team can facilitate your BIM coordination meetings, including creation and management of clash detection reports.

You choose the location of the coordination meetings - at your jobsite or electronically, utilizing web conferencing - whichever is best for you and your project.

Model Management 

Over the years of mentoring other design and construction firms, BIM Designs holds a detailed list of processes that facilitate good conversation and aid in the management of a model. During the Model Management Process, BIM Designs will aid in the setup, cleanup, and maintenance of the Design, Coordination, and Fabrication models, freeing your team to focus on the design and construction aspects of the project.

Clash Detection

Clash detection is an important and integral part of the BIM modeling process. Clash detection arises out of the fact that there is not just one model, but several, that are integrated into one master model.

After each of the detailers have created a model for their discipline (Plumbing, Piping, Sheet Metal, etc.), the next step in BIM modeling is clash detection, which is the process of finding where the models "clash": elements of separate models occupying the same space where they shouldn't be. Finding these inconsistencies is vital, because they would severely impact the construction process, causing delays, design changes, materials costs and a lot of unnecessary headaches and budget overruns.

Clash detection is not new; it's just that, in the past, clash detection took place on the construction site. In BIM modeling, clash detection takes place during the design phase, so that constructability issues can be resolved before construction begins, saving vast sums of money, time and producing a better building.

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