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Future Construct: Thought Leaders Discussing BIM and Construction Solutions for the AEC Industry. The Future Construct podcast is powered and executive produced by the team at BIM Designs, Inc. and features thought leaders from around the world working on innovative technology solutions for the construction (AEC, Architectural, Engineering, Construction) industry. The podcast is hosted by Amy Peck (@VirtualGirlNY on Twitter), the Founder/CEO of EndeavorVR.

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About the Host

Amy Peck


Amy Peck is the CEO of EndeavorXR, a leading global VR/AR (XR) strategy & consulting firm. She is a recognized thought-leader in the space and speaks globally on the future of XR and emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, robotics, and autonomy. She works with Fortune 500 companies, digital media/production companies, and tech startups on strategies to deploy XR, 5G, AI, Blockchain, and another emerging tech to shape an impactful future.

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