BIM Modeling and Virtual Design For Construction

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Coordination, Clash Detection, and Model Management

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Laser Point Scanning and 3D Reality Capture

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How does BIM Support Fire Protection?

Through Building Information Management, we can create a 3D rendering of a structure that will support construction, rehab, and the overall life cycle of the building. BIM allows for all trades to come together in a central location to analyze and evaluate routes, clashes, and possible issues that may occur in the field.

BIM supports the project in many areas such as financial investment, lead times, productivity, preventive measures, and code. BIM is a vital tool in creating a life safety system that meets local, county, state, and federal regulations while adhering to special addendums.

BIM can be a powerful tool to create a global picture of the design that will help to identify issues and allow for cost saving changes to be made before the plans hit the field. This versatility brings significant advantages to fire safety design. BIM technology allows for the designer to enter data parameters that are intelligent to re-evaluate changes and adjust where needed. The designer is then able to analyze the modifications and ensure that both code and design meet the requirement of the building. With this ability, fire safety can be streamlined, and BIM can create a viable record for future design changes and lifesaving operations.



  • We will create content with the utmost integrity and focus on modeling systems that follow each level of jurisdictional law.
  • We will incorporate our resources and knowledge of code, life safety practices, and industry standards to meet the legal and life safety requirements of each design.
  • We will actively and progressively use technology, education, and industry forecasting to ensure constructable designs.
  • We will produce life safety system models that protect lives, investments, and future growth.
  • We will provide Domestic Union Tradespersons with extensive hands-on field and design experience with working knowledge of code, regulations, and procedures.


  • We are here to answer your questions and discuss your next project.

We generate coordinated models using BIM and allow our clients to check possible interference along all building systems through 3D BIM Modeling Services. Our 3D BIM models help the construction companies to visualize schematic structures before construction and thus can offer better project planning for our clients. We detect clashes for eliminating major system conflicts before installation.

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