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In this week’s release of Season 3, Episode 4 (46-minute podcast) of the Future Construct Podcast, our host Amy Peck (@AmyPeckXR)  is thrilled to be joined by Barry Wurzel, the Founder and President at Wurzel Builders.

Join our host, Amy Peck, to learn from Barry about Wurzel Builder's work renovating commercial projects in several sectors. Barry brings 33 years of construction management experience to his work. He spent fifteen years working with excellent companies like The Target Corporation and CF Jordan before forming Wurzel Builders in 1998. Over the years, they’ve worked with numerous companies, including HEB, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, CVS Pharmacy, and Charles Schwab. While it takes a lot to put a building together, Barry has learned over the years that it’s just as important to pull together a team, to orchestrate the personalities toward reaching a common goal. Barry is confident that not only will the company be able to offer clients the best quality of work, but also offer coworkers an exciting environment of growth and opportunity.

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Wurzel Builders' transparent process, comprehensive services, and key sense to detail ensure that they can confidently deliver on time and on budget. They see the gaps ahead of time and offer proactive solutions and discover new possibilities designed with their team’s creative viewpoint. As a full-service general contractor and construction manager, we have extensive experience in construction, renovating projects in the hospitality, multifamily, healthcare, retail, industrial, office, and restaurant industries. Their comprehensive construction services, leadership, planning, and proactive approach to projects ensure each client’s vision is executed efficiently to meet or exceed their expectations.

Highlights of Barry's interview with host Amy Peck (@AmyPeckXR) include:

  • Some of the ways the industry has changed and optimized the building process
  • How Wurzel Builders find that balance, in our modern times, and shift into more modern building constructs, regardless of archaic methods still in use
  • The change in types of projects at Wurzel Builders that come with their rapid growth and how that has catapulted them into new sectors
  • The origin story and focus of Barry's other company, Southern Cutting and Coring

As a commercial builder and general contractor, Barry Wurzel is a strategist, known for his hands-on approach and open communication style in everything he does, and he’s a problem solver who values moving forward over looking back.

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0:12  - Amy Peck introduces Barry Wurzel, the Founder and President at 
Wurzel Builders.

3:26  - Amy: "In your long career, what are some ways, whether it's technology or processes, what are some of the ways the industry has changed and hopefully optimized the building process?"

4:35  - Amy: "Coming to more recent times, where we have our mobile devices, iPads, and BIM, there's a lot of technology out there to optimize, but there's still an 
'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' component in the industry. So how do you find that balance and shift into more modern building constructs?" 

7:10  - Amy: "So let's talk about a few of your projects. You mentioned that you're growing rapidly. Have the types of projects changed? You made a shift from public to private sector. Have you grown into other sectors as the company's grown?"

9:54  - Amy: "So in your da

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