CEO, Mark Oden

BIM Designs, Inc. CEO, Mark Oden, recently joined Construction Junkie's 2020 Best Construction Podcast Winner Bridging the Gap, hosted by Todd Weyandt and sponsored by Applied Software Technology, Inc.

In this podcast, Todd and Mark discuss the COVID response and challenges within the construction industry. With strategic insight, Mark was able to give listeners a peek into remote work, construction considerations, and how we all can come together to take a global tragedy and become a more supportive force in the industry.


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Through interpersonal support, collaboration, and mentoring each other through our various challenges, Mark explores key points to lead us into a better stage of our new world while honoring our traditions in construction and bringing forth new thought processes.

While BIM Designs has been a 100% remote workforce since its inception, COVID has identified a need to reevaluate time management, productivity, and team support. However, we know that to deliver on our core values in every project, we need to take a step back and ensure we are providing our organization with the tools and understanding to ensure their success. 

Mark says, "We do consider ourselves a tech-first construction company. We want to bring technology into the industry while still honoring the construction industry itself. We see a lot of opportunities to do that, especially in this new world."

Todd responds, "You mentioned the new world, and that is where I'd like to sit most of our conversation with. So much disruption, so much change has occurred over the past several months since we last spoke... On a high level, what's been the biggest disruption for you all?"

Marks answers, " a tech first company, we decided we would have a remote work force, so interestingly enough what may have been disruptive for most, was least disruptive for us. We didn't even miss a beat because our employees were already working at home, already safely social distancing at their house. Most disruptive for us is that it created longer meeting cycles, longer meeting times.

We factored in additional work/life balance aspects that our team may face, such as children being home during regular working hours. We encourage our team to take micro breaks to refocus their work energy, but this also allows for them to be present in the moment; to embrace the opportunity to connect with a loved one.

We did a 'Self-care Friday', where we gave everyone a half paid day off; a lot of our employees went fishing, painting, hiking, yoga, nature walks, photography. We encouraged our team to reconnect with a hobby or something that re-centered them. Through the brainstorming of our Culture Committee, they re-shared their experiences with the entire company the following week on their outside work projects." 

Richard Burroughs, President of Applied Software stated, “Applied Software is proud to sponsor the Bridging the Gap podcast and bring these important conversations to the industry. The podcast gives voice to all three segments of our mission: ‘Empower Clients. Transform Industries. Champion Innovation.’ Through Todd’s conversations, we are able to focus attention on the innovations driving transformation while providing valuable information to our clients.”

We recently joined ASTI at the MEP Force 2020 Virtual Conference where we had 10 of our employees attend break out sessions over the three days. 

BIM Designs' Commitments 

BIM Designs, Inc. understands the need to engage, collaborate, and bring a community of people together. We strive to not only create space for our team, but also our clients and the industry as a whole.

We are committed to forging relationships that build camaraderie and guidance in this new world. We can help others in the industry structure an environment that builds trust between the contractor and their internal teams to become 100% remote, and to provide working knowledge for solutions. 

Self Care. Collaboration. Organizational Success.


About BIM Designs, Inc.

BIM Designs, Inc. is an agile BIM modeling, consulting, and coordination service provider for architects, engineers, contractors (AEC) and developers that desire experienced journeymen detailers and engineers for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEPF) modeling, Laser Scanning, and Virtual Design Construction (VDC) projects. We help better plan construction.

If you need 3D BIM modeling, design, or MEPF detailing services, BIM Designs, Inc. (BDI) has the expert tradesmen who know how to precisely design and model your systems. Contact us today for a free estimate or to discuss your project needs.





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