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In this week’s release of Season 3, Episode 3 (46-minute podcast) of the Future Construct Podcast, our host Amy Peck (@AmyPeckXR) is joined by Hugh Seaton (@hughseaton), the General Manager at  CSI Crosswalk and Cimatri.

Join our host, Amy Peck, to learn from Hugh about CSI Crosswalk's work enabling software and internal systems to easily translate quantities, costs and other project data. Hugh has spent a career digging up the best version of the truth he could find, from reach and frequency metrics in advertising, business culture in China, to startup financing. Now, he spends a crazy amount of time trying to analyze and share information about the Construction industry. 

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As General Manager of the Crosswalk business line at CSI, and General Manager at Cimatri, Hugh gets to experience the industry at its fundamental level and hear how different companies use data to run projects. As host of the Constructed Futures Podcast, he speaks to two construction rockstars per week; and as the author of the Construction Technology Handbook, he presented a primer on technology for today’s construction professional.

Highlights of Hugh's interview with host Amy Peck (@AmyPeckXR) include:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning, how it solves problems, and how that can be compared to human learning.
  • The general divide that will become increasingly apparent with the implementation of artificial intelligence.
  • How smart cities need to be defined in greater detail than the current landscape of development.
  • Hugh's prediction on the progression of technology with wearables such as augmented reality glasses, smart watches, as well as with motion sensors.

Hugh is the CEO of The Link, a Construction Requirements Management platform based on the most advanced graph database technology, combined with the most tried & tested field insights. The Requirements Manager automatically processes your PDF spec manual into a submittal log, as well as testings, meetings and closeout logs. Search across documents, check submittal logs side by side with the original, create lists & exports, and more.

Click to listen to our interview on AppleSpotify, or Google, or watch on our Facebook or YouTube channels.






0:12 Amy Peck introduces Hugh Seaton, the General Manager at CSI Crosswalk and Cimatri.

4:49 Amy: "Neuroscience is still a relatively new field. We're trying to get to super intelligence and humans are kind of medium intelligence. We're fed some much on what AI can do, so what is it going to take for there to be a real breakthrough?"

12:15 Amy: "We talked about putting parameters on creative AI's, and I think what may happen is we'll start to understand our own patterns on how we process information. In terms of though process, and how we build the inputs for AI, I'd love your opinion on what we can let loose in the creative world."

18:38 Amy: "If we sort of move back a little, there so much talk on smart buildings and a desire to wire into smart cities. There are elements of them, but I don't believe there's an example of a true smart city. I do see that we're moving toward that, but the amount of data we'll have to parse dynamically in order for this vision of the city of the future, how far and real are we from achieving this notion of a smart city?"

25:19 Amy: "How do we want to live in 20, 25, 30, 50 years, or how do we want our children to live? We miss a lot of the human factor, and a
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