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"We are so excited to welcome Fauve to the Marketing team! I am so proud of Fauve and her accomplishments to date, her leadership with the Black Student Union for Girls Club at her local high school and her willingness to step out of her comfort zone to work and learn with us. Fauve is a great testament to our Core Value of Community Engagement, where all of us here at BIM Designs, Inc. make every effort to contribute and give back to our community, similar to the pooled donations we made to the Navajo nation earlier this year to help them through the health crisis. Thank you, Fauve for your fearless attitude and leadership!" -Steve Couch

Hello! My name is Fauve and I am BIM Designs' newest Marketing Intern! I am a rising Junior at Campbell Hall High School, based in South Central Los Angeles, and am of mixed descent. I am African American, Salvadorian, and Philliphino, and family oriented. In my free time I love to watch movies and visit the beach with friends.

At school, I’m Co-President for the Black Student Union for Girls (BSUG) Club, where we empower middle and high school girls of color. At BSUG we teach our girls to always strive to do their best in anything they do. I am on the Varsity Girls Soccer team at school, and play club soccer outside of school as well. For the past two summers, I have spent a couple of weeks volunteering at my old school, Redeemer Baptist Elementary, where I took care of the kids at summer camp. The energy that the younger children have is something I look forward to, every single day. Being a high school student, we tend to focus more on grades, stress, and college applications. One of the most stressful things I deal with in high school is having to balance homework and soccer practices. Being with these children allows me to escape from that stressful environment and to live in the moment of happiness. They always make my day, and make every day at camp unique and fulfilling. I hope to grow over these next four weeks with BIM and learn new tools and tips that I can carry on through the rest of high school and beyond.

IMG_2520School is one of the most important aspects in my life. I take my education very seriously. I really enjoy my history classes at school because I love learning about the past as well as different cultures. Learning about the past and different cultures in history class is something I find fascinating and it brings light into my school work. Along with soccer and BSUG, I am also a part of this amazing program called SMASH Academy at UCLA (Summer, Math, and Science Honors Academy) which has allowed me to gain interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields. This program gives me more exposure to different career options that are offered in the world of STEM. While dorming on UCLA’s campus for five weeks, I was able to experience what college life will be like as well as what the application process will be like. This summer’s SMASH virtual experience allowed me to get introduced to BIM Designs, Inc. through a mock interview activity with Steve Couch. Additionally, I will be leaning into the journalism world as I will soon begin a one week summer Yale Journalism Program via Zoom virtual conferencing. This will allow me to strengthen my writing skills as well as learn more about new ways of writing.

With BIM Designs being my first internship, I am open to learning and doing new things outside of my comfort zone. I was given the opportunity to be a part of this company and rather than spend the final four weeks of my summer lounging around, I chose to be proactive and will be a couple of steps ahead of the game going into my junior year. Working with BIM Designs will help me with my future career path and will look great on my college applications. I want to start building my network as well as develop connections at a young age to be able to have helpful resources for any future opportunities I choose to pursue.

During my short time with BIM Designs, I have already conducted my first couple of interviews. When it comes to learning something new, I find I am sometimes hesitant. After looking deeper into why I felt hesitant, I realized a fear I encountered while conducting my first interview comes from wanting to create open-ended questions that will keep the interviewee engaged in the conversation while avoiding ‘basic’ and inappropriate questions. However, once I did get into the process of conducting the interviews, I found ways to prevent my fears from interfering in my performance with new skills such as formulating and writing the questions a day in advance and sharing them with the interview subject to ensure confidence. This trial and error experience is what I hope to encounter more while working with BIM Designs to be able to be better prepared for future work opportunities to come and strengthen my communication skills.

IMG_1860During my four week internship here at BIM Designs, I’ll be harnessing my inner childlike energy to learn about careers in BIM, virtual design for construction and laser scanning. Through interviews, research, and hands on experience, I will be writing two additional blog posts about these subjects as well as creating posts for the BIM Designs social media platforms to share my findings. I look forward to learning new leadership skills, task management skills, and gaining real world experiences as a reality capture specialist out in the field. I’m so grateful and blessed to be a part of BIM Designs and can’t wait for the work that I will produce and the new skills that I will learn.

Stay tuned to learn more from me, Fauve throughout the next few weeks!

Fauve B.-R.

About the Author

Fauve B.-R. is born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, California. Fauve is an Honors Student Athlete, and Co-President of her school’s Black Student Union for Girls club as a rising high school junior, at Campbell Hall High School in Studio City. After meeting Steve Couch through her summer program, SMASH UCLA, she has been given the opportunity to be BIM Designs’ newest Marketing Intern. Her experience in public speaking, STEM studies, and project management has allowed her to be successful in her schooling. She is super excited to intern at BIM Designs and hopes to carry on her new skill set as she prepares to apply for colleges.