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During Geo Week 2022, Amy Peck (@AmyPeckXR) , the Founder/CEO of EndeavorVR and host of The Future Construct Podcast had the distinct privilege of delivering the Keynote Address. The theme of Geo Week was the intersectionof geospatial + the built world, and Amy’s keynote address delivered poignant insights into current technology, with glimpses into the future of what the confluence of these two worlds could look like. Geo Week is one of the most relevant programs that covers geospatial technologies and the built environment. Experts from a range of backgrounds meet, collaborate, and gain insights into the newest technology, improved efficiencies on the market, and the future, all under one roof.

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Amy is a thought leader in the field of VR, AR, and emerging technologies and on the Future Construct Podcast, she regularly interviews industry experts from the biggest names in the industry, venture capital firms, and construction startups. The podcast, which has featured more than 50 guests, has been on the air for almost two years and serves as a knowledge resource for all who are construction technology novices, experts in the AEC industry, and everything in between.

During her speech, Amy discusses:

  • The state of the current digital transformation
  • Why reactive mode is a non-starter for innovative thinking
  • What the next phase of immersive tech looks like
  • How digital tech is changing the building landscape

Click to listen to our interview on AppleSpotify, or Google, or watch on our Facebook or YouTube channels.






4:27  - Amy: "We must address the elephant in the room ... the metaverse. So we're not going to talk about the metaverse today, but if any of your leadership is saying we need to explore the metaverse, don't say that you don't because it did not just fall out of the sky and it isn't going anywhere."

7:06  - Amy: "I look at collaboration as a key element in all business activities, but these are the four primary use cases for XR today. And collaboration touches all of them, certainly, training, visualization, and design can all be done on a solitary cycle, but at some point, we will all need to collaborate." [followed by video]

11:46  - Amy: "So that gives you examples of solutions that are out there today. Different companies have different appetites for being early adopters. Still, there is technology that is out there that is very specific to our industry today, and we're going to talk about some of those."

24:30  - Amy: "IoT is now IoE, the internet of everything. And the enablers, this foundation is being built all around and has a lot of shortcomings, but it's functional now. There are ways to leverage cloud, 5G, and Edge to be able to deliver these solutions to your workforce."

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