In this week's captivating episode of our highly anticipated Geo Week 2023 series, we had the privilege of interviewing two industry experts who are at the forefront of innovation. Joining Mark OdenCarla Lauter, Content Manager and Conference Chair at Geo Week, and Shawana Johnson, the President at Global Marketing Insights, engaged in enlightening discussions on a wide range of topics, including the challenges in finding presenters/topics for conference sessions, what attendees learned from the conference's keynote, how technologies covered at Global Marketing Insights tie into BIM, and research reports. This is a conversation you definitely don't want to miss!

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About Carla Lauter
Carla Lauter is co-Conference Chair for Geo Week and the editor of Geo Week News. As editor, she creates and curates content and newsletters in support of Geo Week. Before joining Diversified Communications, Carla spent 10 years on NASA and National Science Foundation funded projects focusing on Earth science and communication. She has worked on web-based outreach and online interactives for NASA Earth Science, including products for satellite missions measuring sea level, salinity and hyperspectral ocean color.

About Shawana Johnson
Dr. Shawana P. Johnson, GISP, is a global commercial remote sensing subject matter expert providing Geospatial Business Intelligence Expertise™ assisting government clients with the vast range of data available from open source intelligence and commercial spaceborne, airborne and terrestrial based sensors and their interoperability with the government and global business community focused on AI/ML usage of sensors for 5G and communications, national security, climate, energy resources, global food security and water sustainability; and logistics and supply chain. Dr. Johnson has worked with 2 person startups to spin off from National Labs supporting and training them for government programs focused on AI/ML and geospatial intelligence provisioning inclusive of all remote sensing programs.

In these interviews, our guest host, Mark Oden, delved into a diverse range of topics with Carla and Shawana. Some of the captivating topics they discussed include:

- The many challenges in finding presenters and developing topics for conference sessions
- Details on what attendees specifically learned from the conference's keynote
- Different types of technologies covered at Global Marketing Insights and some examples of how can we tie those into the BIM world
- Shawana highlighting two specialized research reports that are highly related to Geo Week

Geo Week is the next step in the evolution of the International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF), SPAR 3D Expo & Conference and AEC Next. Created in response to the changing needs of built world and geospatial professionals, and to acknowledge the increasing convergence of technology, Geo Week’s conference program and tradeshow floor feature commercial applications of 3D technologies, innovations and case studies in the built environment, advanced airborne and terrestrial remote sensing solutions, smart products for a full project team and much more! New technological innovations, the need for remote workflows, and hardware breakthroughs are redefining expectations across teams, organizations, and entire industries. Geo Week is at the center of it all.

Global Market Insights is a global market research and management consulting company catering to corporations, non-profits, universities, and government agencies. Their goal is to partner with organizations to make sustained strategic improvements and meet growth goals. Their industry research reports are designed to provide quantifiable information combined with key industry insights. They aim to provide the necessary data to their clients to ensure sustainable organizational development. Whether exploring new markets, developing new products, or taking advantage of niche growth opportunities, they have reports to accelerate and enhance their clients' strategies.


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0:12  - Mark Oden introduces Carla Lauter, Content Manager and Conference Chair at Geo Week.

2:00  - Mark: "I'm very impressed with the speakers and topics. What are some of the challenges in finding presenters and developing topics?"

3:59  - Mark: "So you spoke a little bit about the core topics at the keynotes. I'd love to hear a little bit more about what we learned from the specific keynote?"

8:57  - Mark Oden introduces Shawana Johnson, President at Global 
Marketing Insights.

12:32  - Mark: "In terms of your per view on technologies, it looks like you personal and your company covers many different types of technologies. What are some examples of those and how can we tie those into the BIM world?"

18:50  - Mark: "To bring Global Marketing Insights and Geo Week together, you work on very specialized and commissioned research reports. Is there one or two reports that you'd like to highlight that are highly related to Geo Week?"

About BIM Designs, Inc.

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