Shaun Cooley: Making Data Quickly and Securely Accessible at Mapped

In this week's episode of the Future Construct Podcast (48 min interview), we are excited to feature Shaun Cooley (@ShaunCooley), President and CEO at Mapped (@Mapped). Shaun is a former CTO and senior technical leader, with over 25 years of demonstrated success across a range of nascent and established markets. He is able to pull from a background rich in business management and deep in engineering to define and execute on product roadmaps and architectures, provide security and privacy design and oversight, establish and manage technical partnerships, drive standards organizations and consortia, advise government policymakers, champion innovation, and solve complex existing or anticipated industry and customer needs.

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Mapped started with the idea “What if every built space had an API?” Getting data out of buildings was a complex, time-consuming, and often manual process - weeks or even months of work. To solve the problem, they created a knowledge graph of people, places, and things using machine learning to automate the process of data extraction and identification. They then built a simple, secure, and unified API on top; now anything that generates data - devices, sensors, enterprise applications, and more - is accessible quickly, easily, and securely. In June of 2021, Mapped raised a $6.5 MM round to build out a universal API for connecting control systems for elevators, HVAC, and other physical assets.



Highlights of Shaun’s interview with host Amy Peck (@AmyPeckXR) include:

  • The complexity of the Internet of Things and how Mapped is solving its integration the future of technology
  • Ideal strategies for companies looking to utilize artificial intelligence and servers in their business models
  • His vision on how wearables and digital twins will co-exist to create better digital experiences in the future
  • How mixed reality can be utilized in a multitude of ways aside from gaming and what use cases there could be to expand the realm of virtual reality

Prior to Shaun leading Mapped, he was a distinguished engineer of the Collaboration Technology Group and the VP and CTO of IoT and Industries at Cisco, where he spent a total of roughly 6 years. He was also a board member of Attivo Networks, Inc. and the Open Connectivity Foundation. He was also a Distinguish Engineer for Norton Labs at Symantec Corporation. In addition to the different roles that Shaun has held over the course of his career, he is also consistently innovating in the creation and implementation of novel solutions to complex problems, having 120 issued and more than 100 pending United States patents. 

Click to listen to our interview with Shaun on Apple, Spotify, or Google, or watch on our Facebook or YouTube channels.




Show Notes

0:37  Amy Peck introduces Shaun Cooley, President, and CEO at Mapped.

01:00  Clearly you're a slacker with your 120 issued and 100 pending patents. How did you choose this path? What led you to this realm and engineering and IoT?

5:14  So let's talk about Mapped. We use these terms like IoT, and there's a complexity to it. It seems like Mapped is here to solve that. Is that the case?

10:30  With the type of technology that's coming and you're layering on AI and server and digital twins, what is the best strategy for some of these companies?

24:13  Wearables are going to start hitting the market, and there are going to be cameras everywhere. Are you envisioning some version of the future where all of these outward-facing cameras that we're using to play games and access digital experiences in a place that some of that data can be made accessible to this master digital twin of a building?

40:55  If you could project yourself 20 years into the future, and if you could have any product or service or gadget or thing, that for you, would make your life better or make you personally happy, what would it be and what would it do?

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