Jamie Fleming (Altoura) & Marcus Farquhar (Microsoft) on Future Construct

In this week's episode of the Future Construct Podcast (46 min interview), we are excited to feature Jamie Fleming, Founder and CEO at Altoura (@Altoura_XR). Jamie founded Altoura and developed it to be a pioneer in spatial computing (AR/VR/Mixed Reality) and the #1 choice of organizations in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, AEC, RE&F, and technology industries looking to harness the power of spatial computing to improve productivity, lower costs, and increase employee satisfaction. In 2016, he transitioned the company to become a SaaS provider of spatial computing solutions and a powerful no-code platform that enables organizations to build immersive training experiences.

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At Shadow Ventures, the focus is on investing in startups in tech-nascent markets where strategic capital is scarce. Their process and closed ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, designers, and developers are driven by both experience and technology to radically change how startups start and investors finish. The company was founded in 2018 and partners with exceptional founders to transform the built environment. Shadow Ventures' incubator is custom-built to grow the next generation of built environment startups. With less than a 5% acceptance rate, each startup undergoes a vigorous vetting process to be accepted. Their current portfolio is made up of companies tackling hard problems in construction and real estate tech with unique solutions. Companies range from idea stage through Series A.

In Part 2 of this podcast, we are excited to feature Marcus Farquhar, Technology Innovation and Experimentation Leader at Microsoft(@Microsoft). He has delivered proofs-of-concept and experiments to validate the implementation of digital transformation technologies. Marcus is creating innovative solutions in regards to digital building technologies and assessing value through experimentation and prototyping of digital transformation technology for the benefit of Microsoft's GWS organization.



Highlights of Jamie and Marcus’ interview with host Amy Peck(@AmyPeckXR) include:

  • The journey of raising capital and how it differs for founders and investors
  • Finding the balance between being a practical leader versus a visionary
  • Where it makes sense to always have a digital twin of your building from an as-built perspective
  • Jamie and Marcus' desired products of the future that would alter the structure of their lives in a positive way

Click to listen to our interview with Jamie and Marcus on Apple, Spotify, or Google, or watch on our Facebook or YouTube channels.





Show Notes

0:37  Amy Peck introduces Jamie Fleming, Founder and CEO at Altoura.

8:12  I definitely want to talk about the journey of raising capital. For founders it's "nightmare-ish" and investors listen to pitch after pitch. Can you talk about that process and what was that synergistic moment?

17:55  There is a visionary component to being a founder, and it takes vision to harness and sell technology. Is there a balance between the practical and visionary that you look for and is part of your day-to-day?

26:26  Amy Peck introduces Marcus Farquhar, Technology and Experimentation Lead at Microsoft.

32:29  I would be curious to see what you think some of the steps are to see where it makes sense to always have a digital twin of your building from an as-built perspective?

42:10  If you could project yourself 20 years into the future, and if you could have any product or service or gadget or thing, that for you, would make your life better or make you personally happy, what would it be and what would it do?

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