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Stratus Seattle - 9th and Lenora

Seattle, WA


439,600 sq. ft

Scope of Work:

Plumbing Detailing


Seattle, WA

Type of Project:

High Rise - Residential

Construction Type:

New Construction

Design Software:

AutoCAD Fabrication MEP


MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions


MacDonald-Miller Seattle needed some help on this Multi-family residential high rise on 9th & Lenora, downtown Seattle. BIM Designs, Inc. coordinated with MacDonald Miller's existing Detailing team for POC's on certain floors, then we worked our way through the mechanical room on the roof providing a LoD 400 clash free model to the owner. The deliverables on this project was a clash free model, insert/Sleeve locations, shop drawings, spool drawings and access to the BIM Designs Lead detailer on the project during installation. This helped answer any questions from the field during install. Stratus is a 45-story tower located across from Amazon’s main campus. On April 8th, 2017, months of planning, coordination, and shop fabrication culminated in a series of flawlessly executed crane picks at 9th & Lenora. The tight project schedule, as well as the fact that the main mechanical room was not located on the highest floor, necessitated that the major mechanical room equipment be set in place before the slab above could be formed and poured. MacDonald-Miller seized this opportunity to create seismically engineered, prefabricated skids for the large hydronic pumps and boilers, as well as set domestic water boilers and a hot water storage tank directly into place. In the following weeks, the remaining equipment and prefabricated piping were lifted into place.