Youtube 1100 Grundy

San Bruno, CA


440,000 sq. ft.

Scope of Work:

Plumbing Detailing


San Bruno, Ca

Type of Project:


Construction Type:

New Construction

Design Software:




BIM Designs, Inc. was responsible for detailing and coordination services, design drawings, and a bill of materials that meet or exceed the requirements of our client.

YouTube, the applicant and owner of the Phase I Development area, proposes to retain the two existing office buildings on the Phase I Site and construct two new buildings with 440,000 square feet of additional office space. A maximum of three levels of sub-grade parking would be provided at both parcels.

Additional improvements and items include:

  • The construction of an off-street multi-modal transportation hub on an access way located between Grundy Lane and Bayhill Drive, on the west side of the parcel containing 950 Elm Street
  • The realignment of Grundy Lane from Cherry Avenue to Elm Avenue
  • The abandonment of northern portion of Elm Avenue located directly to the north of the realigned Grundy Lane
  • The demolition of three existing buildings located at 1150–1250 Bayhill Drive to provide a construction staging and parking area during construction of the Phase I Development
  • A Development Agreement requested as part of the Phase I planning entitlements
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