Voyager by Nvidia

Santa Clara, CA


69,677.28 Square Meters

Scope of Work:

Plumbing Detailing


Santa Clara, CA

Type of Project:

Commercial - Office Building

Construction Type:

New Construction

Design Software:




BIM Designs, Inc. was responsible for detailing the plumbing system for this project. Nvidia's new building in Santa Clara, CA will be larger than the building Nvidia just finished constructing, Endeavor, by 250,000 square feet. However, Voyager will share its wild, distinctly Nvidia design.
Voyager will be 750,000 square feet and situated next to the Endeavor in Santa Clara. This puts the combined buildings’ square-footage at 1.25 million, which is a little less than half of Apple’s new HQ in Cupertino.
Nvidia is still planning the building’s staffing, but it expects the building will house its growing engineer teams. The company has 11,500 employees around the world, 5,000 of whom work in Santa Clara.
Construction having begun in 2018, Voyager was estimated to need three and a half years to be completed. 
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