Meet the Team


    Travis H.


    An interview with Travis:

    What's your trade specialization?


    What's your classification?

    VDC Tech

    How many years of fieldwork did you have before becoming a detailer?

    I've worked in the field for 7 years.

    How many years have you been a detailing?

    I've been detailing for 9 years.

    What type of fieldwork have you performed?

    I did New and remodel commercial construction.

    What was your last company and how long were you there?

    I was last with Fox Electric for 2 years 3 months.

    What are other job roles you have performed in the past?

    I've done BIM/VDC Coordinator.

    What passion, energy, or excitement do you bring into the workplace with you?

    I work best under pressure and I love troubleshooting Revit software and family issues. My biggest strength is doing rework in the model.

    What do you do for fun in your off-hours?

    "Fun" I know this word from I am a single father so luckily my kids love all the fun things that I do, so call it luck or call it brainwashing we love everything outdoors. Camping, hiking, fishing, shooting,...etc.