Meet the Team

    Shawn C.

    Shawn C.


    An interview with Shawn:

    Which Union are you a Member of?

    U.A. Local 469 in Phoenix, AZ

    What's your trade specialization?


    What's your classification?


    How many years of fieldwork did you have before becoming a detailer?

    I was in the field for 10+ years.

    How many years of detailing experience do you have?

    Total of 4+ years.

    What type of fieldwork have you performed?

    I've done powerhouses/industrial work, semiconductor/microchip plants, hospitals, wastewater treatment, commercial builds.

    Where did you work last, and how long were you there?

    I worked remotely from home for US Engineering out of KC for 5 months.

    What are other job roles you have performed in the past?

    I've been site maintenance, powerhouse shutdowns, foreman, crew lead, welding, apprentice training, project coordination.

    What passion, energy, or excitement do you bring into the workplace with you?

    I love being able to come up with innovative ideas when an obstacle presents itself. To be able to learn new skills and to share them with fellow tradesmen. I love that tradesmen are like family, and we watch out for each other during difficult times... and being able to pay it forward to others.

    What do you do for fun in your off-hours?

    I love nature/outdoors. I love being able to unplug from the chaos of everything and hike or camp. Recently I've taken up photography and being able to take night sky photos.