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Eric and Fauve

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to conduct a virtual interview with Mr. Eric Guizzetti, 3D Reality Capture/Laser Scanning specialist at BIM Designs, Inc. We discussed what laser scanning is and how one might get started with a career in 3D reality capture. Guizzetti went into detail about how Laser Scanning can enhance in the virtual construction world, as well as the relative advantages of BIM. I learned so much!  

An Interview with Eric:

What is 3D Laser Scanning? 

“Well… 3D Laser Scanning is the act of placing a scanner in an area, and as it's sitting there it spins 360 degrees… It takes images as it's spinning and it creates points around it that are measurable.  So you end up with this fancy little cloud with measurable images.”

How does Laser Scanning serve the world of BIM?

“So in the world of BIM, you use laser scanning so you can pre-manufacture/fabricate a project. You can understand the space, size, area, etc. requirements which otherwise you would be guessing by using a tape measure (which is a flawed form of measuring).” 

How does Laser Scanning relate to the advantages of BIM?

“You can take your point cloud and you can overlay it on top of the BIM model and you can start making sure things are in the right place.”

What are some industries that can benefit from having the skill of 3D laser scanning? 

“Architecture, engineering, gas/oil… anything that needs to be manufactured to size… What a lot of people don't realize is that a lot of places use Laser Scan, for example, Ford uses laser scanning to design their factories so the pieces can fit in the warehouse once they arrive from places around the world.”

What is the difference between Mobile and Terrestrial Laser Scanning?

“I am not sure I am the right person to ask that, but I believe Mobile scanning creates one large mesh with poor 360 images. However Terrestrial Laser Scanning takes beautiful images as well as gives more ability to align and verify how good your laser scan is.”

Can you explain more of what you do?

“So the kind of Laser Scanning I do is called Terrestrial which is the act of taking a laser scanner, setting it, spinning 360 degrees, and once it’s done, I move it to another location. Once the scans are done all of these 360-degree images are stitched together to create one big model.”

Can you describe your most recent project?

“The most recent project I did was in Seattle a couple weeks ago. There was this parking garage that was getting remodeled, and they wanted to make sure their pipes were in the right place so the concrete can be added perfectly.  So I took the laser scanner out there and scanned the area and aligned it to the model, then sent it off to our other group of Journeymen inside of BIM Designs that deals with all that kind of stuff.”


Does Laser scanning require a team or can it be done individually?

“It takes a team, but for now the team is myself and Brian Durocher.”

What major or majors do you need to take in college to be in the Laser Scanning field? 

“You want to look for people who are into videography/photography because you want to make sure they: (A) have an eye for what they are looking for and (B) know their shadowing techniques. This is important because you want to have a good understanding of where the light is coming from, how the light is bending, how the lights are being seen, how the area is being seen. Remember it is not one scan, it can actually be multiples of hundreds and then you have to stitch those scans back together to make one huge picture.”

What are some potential careers in Laser Scanning?

“Virtual Design, Construction, Gas Plant Engineer.”

This interview with Eric has allowed me to open my eyes to a whole new world of Laser Scanning. Being that I have not heard of the subject prior to starting this internship, Mr. Eric Guizzetti has allowed me to see the significance of his work and how it is used in the builder’s daily life. When it comes to car manufacturer buildings, laser scanning can allow builders to make sure the size can fit the parts of the automobile. After further research, I found that Laser scanning also has potential careers in Land Survey Technician and Forensic 3D Animation.

Thank you again Mr. Guizzetti for your time and stay tuned for more from me, Fauve!

Fauve Laser Scanning
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Fauve B.-R.

About the Author

Fauve B.-R. is born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, California. Fauve is an Honors Student Athlete, and Co-President of her school’s Black Student Union for Girls club as a rising high school junior, at Campbell Hall High School in Studio City. After meeting Steve Couch through her summer program, SMASH UCLA, she has been given the opportunity to be BIM Designs’ newest Marketing Intern. Her experience in public speaking, STEM studies, and project management has allowed her to be successful in her schooling. She is super excited to intern at BIM Designs and hopes to carry on her new skill set as she prepares to apply for colleges.