Meet the Team


    Melanie N.


    An interview with Melanie:

    Which Union are you a Member of?

    U.A. Local 469 in Phoenix, Arizona

    What's your trade specialization?


    What's your classification?

    Journeyman Pipefitter

    How many years of detailing experience do you have?

    I started doing hand detailing in the field in 1995. In 2000 I started CAD detailing.

    How many years of field work did you have before becoming a detailer?

    Started my Apprenticeship in 1979 and worked in field always. Back then hand detailers still were in the field.

    What type of field work have you performed?

    I have welded, run many different types and sizes of piping and tubing, rigging. I have layed out mechanical piping systems, been a foreman and general foreman in the field as well.

    What company were you last at and for how long?

    I spent about 12 years doing AutoCad detailing when it was first starting to be utilized on job sites. I partially retired about 10 years ago.

    What are other job roles you have performed in the past?

    I worked teaching at the AZ Pipe Trades Apprenticeship. I loved teaching our Apprentices the Isometric drawing class & Drawings Prints & Specs Class.

    What passion, energy or excitement do you bring into the workplace with you?

    I enjoy the Estimating Process that we utilize, and applying my 40+ years experience in this area.

    What do you do for fun in your off hours?

    I love family time with my husband, children, grandchildren & great grandaughter. I especially enjoy sharing my love of horses and outdoors with my family.