Meet the Team


    Manny Shirley


    Manny recently joined BIM Designs in July of 2020. Journeyman Pipefitter Detailer out of U.A. Local Union No. 469 Phoenix, AZ. Manny has 8 years of field work experience and has been detailing for over 10 years. While working in the field Manny got experience doing Tube Bending, Soldering, Brazing, Hot Air Welding, PVDF Welding, Gluing PVC, Hanger installation, Finishing, Installing Cast Iron, Equipment setting, Heavy rigging, Crane spotting, High Purity Gas Installation, UG piping/plumbing, Threading pipe, Gas fitting and arc welding. Manny’s previous roles as Foreman, General Foreman and Basebuild BIM Manager helps mold him into the project manager he is today.

    Manny loves solving problems especially since he loved doing puzzles growing up so it’s a very rewarding and fulfilling job for him to get to do it for a living. He loves designing because it starts in your head as a thought or idea and that vision will impact someones life like a new home or hospital and that is very special. Manny loves helping others grow and helping them develop that vision and seeing their idea materialize before them. In his spare time Manny is very active, but also enjoys taking it easy and relaxing at home. He like working around the house and helping out on his in-law's ranch. He likes to fish, hike, camp and travel to the beach.