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    Kermit M.-1

    Kermit M.


    An interview with Kermit:

    Which Union are you a Member of?

    Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 525 in Las Vegas, NV.

    What's your trade specialization?



    What's your classification?


    How many years of field work did you have before becoming a detailer?

    I've worked in the field for 15 years.

    How many years have you been a detailing?

    I've been detailing for 3 years.

    What type of field work have you performed?

    I did Residential, Commercial, and Industrial projects.

    What was your last company and how long where you there?

    I was last with Southland Industries for 1 and a half years.

    What are other job roles you have performed in the past?

    I've done layout, Service/Special Projects, Foreman.

    What passion, energy or excitement do you bring into the workplace with you?

    I view each job as a set of problems that need to be solved. I try and look at each piping situation and try and find the most efficient route with the least number of fittings to get from point A to point B. I genuinely enjoy detailing and designing piping systems because I get the opportunity to make the entire process more efficient and make life easier for the installers in the field. It's also very rewarding to be able to utilize my field experience to design a system that will be able to be installed quickly and easily.

    What do you do for fun in your off-hours?

    I enjoy playing chess with my son, working on my house, and generally working with my hands.