Jason A.

    Jason A.


    An interview with Jason:

    Which Union are you a Member of?

    U.A. Local 469 in Phoenix, Arizona

    What's your trade specialization?


    What's your classification?


    How many years of field work did you have before becoming a detailer?

    I've been in the field for 17 years.

    How many years have you been detailing?

    I've been detailing for 12 years.

    What type of field work have you performed?

    I did Plumbing, Welding and Mad-gas.

    What was your last company and how long where you there?

    I was with Kinetics for 10 years.

    What are other job roles you have performed in the past?

    I was Field Foreman, Detailer, BIM Lead, and Project Coordinator.

    What passion, energy or excitement do you bring into the workplace with you?

    I am very passionate about my trade and like to share my knowledge with others, as well as learn from others. This is an exciting time as BIM is finally in the forefront on most projects. Taking an incomplete design (usually 60% or less) and plugging in all the gaps, resolving outstanding issues and providing the customer with a product they will be very happy with.

    What do you do for fun in your off hours?

    I go wheeling in my Jeep. I also play Golf, and I own Saltwater Reef Tank.