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    Fred S.


    Fred is no stranger to the sheet metal trade, having joined BIM Designs’ VDC detailing team with nearly 40 years of experience. He works with other tradesmen to model and coordinate HVAC systems, and produces detailed shop drawings which help streamline the prefabrication process.

    Sorensen came into the trade early in life, and consistently advanced as his superiors and peers realized he was up for any job. He spent nearly 10 years installing and coordinating various projects before beginning his work with engineers — learning the ins and outs of detailing and design. There, Sorensen discovered that there was a better way for jobs to be coordinated: through utilizing innovative virtual design technology. And, true to form, he was up for the challenge.

    Self-described as detail-oriented — and often accused of “asking too many questions” — Fred brings a keen eye to his role. Over more than 20 years of his career, he has coordinated and detailed countless commercial projects, including Office Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, and Manufacturing Facilities. He takes pride in every job he does, doing the best he can with all the information he can gather. Sorensen’s experience is undeniable, as is the merit behind his go-getter attitude. His knack for considering every facet in a project makes him invaluable to his team and the clients who have the benefit of working with him.

    Outside of his work, Sorensen takes time to enjoy life, whether he’s on his motorcycle — a passion he’s had since he was 12 years old, commuting daily or on/off road trippin’ — or exploring the world with family and friends.