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Explore BIM Designs, Inc.'s Construction Services

We'll Be Your Owner's Representation
But First, What Does That Mean?

An owner's representative in the construction industry serves as the client's advocate and manages various aspects of a construction project on their behalf. The specific services offered by a construction services team acting as an owner's representative can vary depending on the project's scope and requirements. In preparation for the release of the National BIM Standards, BIM Designs, Inc. can assist you in becoming compliant with these standards upon release.


Our Construction Services 

  • Project Planning and Development:

    Developing a comprehensive project plan, including budgeting and scheduling

    Evaluating project feasibility and site analysis

  • Project Management:

    Overseeing the entire project to ensure it stays on track and within budget

    Coordinating with architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors

    Monitoring progress and quality control

  • Budget and Cost Management:

    Creating and managing the project budget

    Cost estimating, cost tracking, and cost control

    Identifying cost-saving opportunities and value engineering

  • Schedule Management:

    Developing and maintaining project schedules

    Ensuring timely completion of milestones and phases

    Implementing schedule adjustments when necessary

Contractor Selection and Management:
  • Assisting in the selection of contractors and subcontractors
  • Contract negotiation and administration
  • Monitoring contractor performance and compliance
  • Identifying potential risks and developing mitigation strategies
  • Managing insurance and bonding requirements
  • Resolving disputes and claims
  • Ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations
  • Obtaining necessary permits and approvals
  • Managing environmental and safety compliance
Design and Engineering
  • Coordinating design and engineering phases
  • Reviewing and evaluating design documents for constructability
  • Facilitating communication between design and construction teams
Quality Assurance
and Control:
  • Implementing quality control processes and inspections
  • Ensuring that construction meets design and client expectations
  • Addressing and resolving quality issues
and Reporting:
  • Keeping the client informed through regular updates and reports
  • Facilitating communication between stakeholders
  • Providing documentation and records management

Our services collectively help the owner ensure that the construction project is completed successfully, on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards. Acting as the owner's representative, BIM Designs, Inc., acts as a trusted advisor, helping the client navigate the complexities of construction while minimizing risks and maximizing value. The specific services provided may vary depending on the project's size, complexity, and the owner's needs.

Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) services team plays a crucial role in leveraging BIM technology to improve the planning, design, construction, and operation of a building or infrastructure project. Here are 10 essential services that our BIM services team offers as your owner's representative:

  • BIM Implementation Strategy:

    Develop a BIM implementation strategy tailored to the owner's project goals and objectives.

    Define BIM standards, protocols, and workflows for the project.

  • Vendor and Technology Selection:

    Assist in selecting appropriate BIM software, tools, and technology vendors.

    Ensure compatibility and integration of BIM tools across disciplines.

  • BIM Execution Planning:

    Develop a comprehensive BIM Execution Plan (BEP) that outlines roles, responsibilities, and BIM deliverables for all project stakeholders.

    Define BIM milestones and timelines.

  • Model Coordination:

    Coordinate BIM models from various design and construction disciplines (architectural, structural, MEP, etc.) to ensure clash detection and resolution.

    Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration using BIM.

  • Quality Control and Assurance:

    Implement BIM quality control processes to ensure accuracy and consistency of BIM models

    Verify that BIM models meet project requirements and standards

  • BIM Model Management:

    Manage the central BIM model repository and ensure version control

    Establish data exchange and information sharing protocols

  • BIM for Construction:

    Utilize BIM for construction sequencing and scheduling

    Coordinate with contractors to integrate BIM into construction processes, including site logistics and safety planning

  • Facility Management Integration:

    Develop a strategy for integrating BIM data into facility management systems for post-construction use

    Ensure that BIM data is structured to support ongoing operations and maintenance

  • BIM Training and Support:

    Provide BIM training and support to project stakeholders, including owners, architects, engineers, and contractors

    Promote BIM adoption and proficiency

  • BIM Execution Planning:

    Monitor and report on the performance and benefits of BIM implementation throughout the project lifecycle

    Evaluate how BIM contributes to cost savings, schedule improvements, and design optimization

Our services enable the owner to make informed decisions, streamline project communication, reduce errors and rework, and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the construction process. BIM Designs, Inc. acts as a bridge between various project stakeholders, ensuring that BIM technology is effectively utilized to achieve the owner's objectives and maximize the value of the investment. Our specific services may be customized to suit the project's size, complexity, and unique requirements.

How BIM Helps Prevent Litigation

In addition to all of the services listed above, as your Owner's Representation, we also offer legal consulting, which is essential in minimizing business expense.

Listen to our CEO, Mark Oden, speak at the 2021 AE ProNet Conference on "How BIM Can Help Prevent Litigation," and how we can help owners protect their interests during projects.

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