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Future Construct Interview - Julie Giannini

The Future Construct Podcast is produced by the BIM Designs, Inc. team.

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Our team is thrilled to bring you this new episode of the Future Construct Podcast (23 min interview), where we spotlight Julie Giannini (@jgiannin) Chief Customer Officer at Egnyte (@Egnyte). Julie is a senior executive with 25+ years of go-to-market experience scaling renewals, customer success, professional services, training, and support organizations focused on enterprise & SaaS cloud offerings. Julie builds high-performing teams with the goal of great experiences for employees, customers, and shareholders and she has been involved in several successful exits including Thoma Bravo's purchase of Imperva for $2.1B in 2019, New Relic's 2014 IPO, and Yammer's $1.2B acquisition by Microsoft in 2012. Egnyte is trusted by 16,000+ content-critical businesses and transforms them through smarter content allowing organizations to connect, protect, and unlock value from all their content.

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Some highlights of Julie's interview with host Amy Peck (@VirtualGirlNY) include:

  • How Egnyte is utilizing artificial intelligence in their own product lines
  • Methods to overcome hesitance to adopt new and transformative technology, within your own company
  • The day to day responsibilities within her role as the Chief Customer Officer and her focus aside from customers
  • Her vision for the future, as she discusses the one product that would transform her life, making it significantly easier and more efficient

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Prior to joining Egnyte as Chief Customer Officer, Julie held key roles at notable tech companies including Ariba and Oracle. Julie is also an advisor at UCLA's Westwood Ventures and previously advised the Growth team at WalkMe. First generation on her mom's side, diversity, equity and inclusion is Julie's north star and guides how she leads her teams and supports her customers. An avid athlete, Julie has completed multiple triathlons and qualified twice for the Boston Marathon. To share her love of skiing, Julie taught at Squaw Valley on the weekends when not working in tech and now just skis for fun with her family.

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We sincerely hope you enjoy this special episode of the Future Construct podcast and we would love to hear your suggestions for future guests!

- All good things, Luke Lightning, PhD

* The Future Construct podcast is produced by the team at BIM Designs, Inc. BIM Designs, Inc. is a minority-owned, US-based, union-signatory preconstruction technology firm, offering turnkey BIM modeling, laser scanning, coordination management, and other VDC solutions to the AEC industry. We'd love to talk with you!

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0:37 Amy Peck introduces Julie Giannini, the Chief Customer Officer
at Egnyte

3:58 So, as Chief Customer Officer, what does your day to day look like? What is your primary focus, aside from customers?

5:10 What are some of the trends you're seeing [in technology] moving forward and things that are exciting you?

7:20 And so, talking about artificial intelligence, how are leveraging AI, even in your own product line?

10:05 Where do you see some of the easier ways that companies can bring in technology, especially among a workforce that be a little more reticent to be accepting of new technology and new workflows?

21:27 If you could project yourself 15 to 20 years in the future, and you can you could bring with you any services or any product that makes your life better, what would it be and what would it do?

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