Hot off the press, we have another episode of the Future Construct Podcast! This week for Season 3, Episode 15, our guest host Mark Oden, was elated to be joined by Dave Davia, the CEO and EVP of the Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association, to the show (15-minute interview). The conversation between Mark and Dave took an introspective look into various topics, from Rocky Mountain MCA's (RMMCA) work with contractors and Dave's thoughts on relationship building with labor to insights into a college the organization is developing and Dave's goals for this year.

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About the RMMCA
The Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association (Rocky Mountain MCA) is a professional trade association serving over 160 member companies involved in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, plumbing, piping, and mechanical service throughout Colorado.
While their general mission is to make the Rocky Mountain region the best place to be a mechanical contractor, their work is primarily focused on legislative and regulatory advocacy, labor relations, education and training, and fostering relationships within the industry.
About Dave Davia
Dave Davia is a passionate leader with a diverse background in public and private organizations. He has a strong track record of accomplishments in strategic partnerships, government relations, coalition building, business and legislative analysis, collective bargaining, public policy, and association management.
Currently, Dave Davia serves as the CEO and EVP of the Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association, a nationally recognized leader in trade organizations. In this role, he founded the Western States College of Construction, an employer-sponsored accredited training program that prepares workers in four states for lucrative careers in several construction trades, addressing a significant gap in the workforce.
Prior to joining these prestigious organizations, Dave worked in a senior program/project management role in banking operations and IT. Additionally, Dave served as an elected official with the City of Westminster in the role of City Councilor. He served on the Economic Development Authority, the Redevelopment Authority, and the Human Services Board. A passionate champion of children and families, Dave has also served on several charitable non-profit organizations’ boards. Additionally, Dave has served in many roles for the Denver Archdiocese. 

Throughout the interview, Dave discussed numerous topics with our guest host, Mark Oden, including:
- Rocky Mountain MCA's work with contractors and unions
- His thoughts on some of the key strategic elements of building a healthy relationship with labor
- Insights into a college the organization is developing, the goal of the college, and the future outlook of the college
- Dave's goals for this year and what the future of the industry looks like


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0:12  - Mark Oden introduces Dave Davia, the CEO and EVP of the Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association.

1:14  - Mark: "Could you let us know how you work with contractors and unions in the Colorado area?"

3:25  - Mark: "What do you think are some of the key strategic elements of building a healthy relationship with labor?" 

5:34  - Mark: "One of your many accomplishments is a college that you've been working. Could you share what the college is, what the goal of the college is, how much work has been done to get to where you are, and what you see as the future of the college?"

9:44  - Mark: "In fact, your team just worked on this Economic Impact Study for Colorado. What key takeaways do you have from this report?"

11:06  - Mark: "As we wrap up here, just looking into the future, what are some goals you have for the year? And what is the future for the industry whether it comes to employment, technology, or otherwise?"

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